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Discovery Center is proud to offer a wide variety of field trip styles and formats to suit your classes’ interests, learning level, and needs. Talk to any child who has grown up in the Rockford region, and he or she will most likely have a fond memory of a field trip to our museum. 


 General Museum Tour

Explore over 300 hands-on permanent exhibits on two floors of hands-on fun! Interactive exhibits cover topics on electricity, weather, agriculture, communication, color and light, air and flight, mathematics, simple machines, and the human body. Use Discovery Center Museum to teach a lesson your students won’t forget!

Our General Museum Tour includes time to explore both floors of the Museum as well as our outdoor science park (weather permitting). 

Next Generation Science Standards: ESS2.BD, ESS3.B, ETS1.AB, LS4.CD, LS3.A, PS2.AB PS3.ABCD, PS4.ABC

IELDS: 9.A.ECa, 11.A.ECe, 12.B.ECb, 12.D.ECb, 19.A.ECa, 19.A.ECb, 30.C.ECa


Planning Your Visit

Scheduling Your Visit:

Due to COVID restrictions, we have limited days and hours. We can accommodate groups of up to 125 total people at the following times:

Wednesday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

When you complete your Group Visit Request, have several date options, and know the total number of people in your group. Group Visit reservations must be finalized no later than 14 days prior to your scheduled visit. To begin the reservation process, complete the Group Visit Request Form. Groups must pre-register to receive group rate pricing. 

General Museum Tour Information: 

Group visits are 2-hours long; this includes time to explore each floor of the Museum and the outdoor park (weather permitting). Groups that arrive late or need to leave earlier than their scheduled times may not get to visit all areas of the museum. 

STEM Labs for K-8th Grades:

A range of theme-based, hands-on lab sessions that inspire focused learning. 45 Minutes per Lab session, each session can accommodate 30 students. $55 per session.

COVID Precautions:

Masks are required for everyone aged 5 years and older and strongly encouraged for children 2 - 4 years old. Each group will be asked to complete a wellness check upon arrival that includes temperature checks and health screening questions prior to entering the museum. Groups must stay with their assigned tour guides. 

Lunchroom Rentals:

Due to our COVID restrictions, we ask that groups plan to have lunch before or after their museum visit. Our lunchroom is currently unavailable for reservation.

Group Pricing and Payment


Group rate pricing is available for organized groups of 10 or more people. Our group rate is $ 6 per person and covers general museum admission, fees for added activities or special exhibits may apply. Groups must register in advance to receive group rate pricing.

Discovery Center Memberships and reciprocal membership benefits do not apply to children or chaperones participating in a group visit. 


Group Visit Tickets must be purchased in advance and are non-refundable. Payment is due five business days before your visit. We accept payment by cash, check, or credit card. Payment by purchase order must be set up in advance. 

Checks should be made out to Discovery Center Museum


Group FAQs & Policies


Discovery Center Museum is located within the Riverfront Museum Park building. For driving directions use the following address: 711 N. Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103


Buses should drop off / pick up groups near the blue and green kinetic sculpture to the right of the main doors. Our staff in blue aprons and green shirts will meet your group at the bus(es) and help bring everyone inside for orientation. 

Buses can park at the back of our parking lot free of charge. 

Chaperone Information: 

We suggest a ratio of one adult to five children for group visits. Chaperones must stay with and supervise the conduct of their students/children at all times. Chaperones who have not registered with their group and paid their chaperone fee in advance are subject to the full retail admission costs upon arrival at the Museum. 

Group Behavior Expectations: 

Every visitor deserves to have an exciting, educational day at Discovery Center Museum. Please carefully read and share the following behavior expectations with all students and chaperones.

Be safe

Use your walking feet in the museum; running and roughhousing are not permitted

Stay with your group and with your tour guide

Wear your face covering so that it covers your mouth and nose

Be respectful

Use your inside voices

Take turns at the exhibits so everyone has a chance to play

Remember other groups and families are visiting the museum too

Be curious

Play and interact with our exhibits

Ask questions! Think in “hows” and “whys” during your visit

Failure to abide by the Group Behavior Expectations may result in your group being asked to leave the museum. Refunds are not issued to groups who are asked to leave. 

Group Visit Schedules 

Group schedules are created for every guided group visit and provided to the Discovery Center Staff that will be assisting your group and are designed to accommodate all of the groups that are visiting on a particular day. Groups are expected to abide by the group schedule and staff directions to allow for social distancing in the museum. Group schedules are subject to change without notice.

Lunchroom Rentals 

Due to our COVID restrictions, we ask that groups plan to have lunch before or after their museum visit. Our lunchroom is currently unavailable for reservations.

Gift Shop

Groups that would like to visit the gift shop must request this on their Group Visit Request. Students / Children must be supervised by an adult in the gift shop at all times. One adult and five children will be allowed to shop at one time to avoid overcrowding in our shop.

To begin the reservation process, complete the Group Visit Request Form. For additional questions, contact us at or phone 815-963-6769.


Tips for Group Visits

Reserve Your Date Early:

Our calendar fills quickly. For best date selection, we recommend booking at least 3 weeks in advance.

Arrive On Time:

Plan to arrive a few minutes before the Start Time listed on your reservation. Groups will be ready to board their buses at the End Time listed on your reservation.

Prepare Your Students:

Help your students know what to expect when they arrive at the museum.

Plan for Lunch:

The museum does not have food service on site. Due to COVID regulations, no food can be eaten inside the museum.

Review our Group Visit FAQs & Policies: 

These cover important information about Drop Off /Pick Up, Bus Parking, Group Behavior Expectations, Chaperone Information as well as Field Trip and Lunch Schedules. 

To begin the reservation process, complete the Group Visit Request Form.  For additional questions, contact us via email or phone 815-963-6769.