Discovery Center Museum is committed to making its building, exhibits and programs accessible to visitors with special needs.

  • We adhere to the Smithsonian Institute's guidelines for accessibility.
  • We offer ramps, accessible restrooms, an elevator, and ample room around each exhibit.
  • Adult changing table onsite.
  • Our classes can also accommodate children (and their parents) with special needs.
  • Wheelchairs are available at Discovery Center. To ensure availability, please call in advance of your arrival.

Discovery Center offers several Fun for Everyone events each year for children with disabilities and their immediate families to experience our exhibits free of charge before/after the museum opens/closes to the public. Advance registration is required. To learn more, call 815-963-6769 or email Amandago@discoverycentermuseum.orgClick here to register for September 26.

Fun for Everyone begins at 10:00 am. Advance registration is required. Due to current museum guidelines this event is limited to 30 people. To learn more, call 815-963-6769 or email If you had previously registered for Fun for Everyone pre-COVID-19 we ask that you re-register. Thanks!

We are committed to providing CLEAN, SAFE, PLAYFUL LEARNING at Discovery Center, but we need your help. Please follow this simple Guest Code of Conduct:
o Plan a different visit day if anyone in your family or group is not feeling well.
o Maintain proper social distancing from others not in your family or group.
o Wear a face covering. Grownups, children ages 6+, and Museum staff must wear masks that cover the nose and mouth to enter the Museum (when medically able). We strongly encourage tots ages 5 and younger to wear face coverings as well, though they are not required.
o Wash hands or use sanitizer often.
o Have all members of your family/group play in the same area.


Social Stories

To download a Discovery social story word document click here.  For a pdf of the social story click here.

The social stories were generously provided by the Autism Program Service Center - Rockford.