homeschool roomLet these hands-on classes for children ages 7 and older enhance your STEM curriculum studies.

$11 Members / $13 non-members per child per class. Advance registration required. You can register online, call 815-963-6769  or stop by our office during normal business hours. Registration closes 4:00 pm Friday the week before class. Payment must accompany registration. 

Registration begins December 12 for Members and December 15 for the Public.

Cancellation policy: Refunds are available through the close of registration, minus 10%. Discovery Center reserves the right to cancel events; in which case, a full refund will be issued.

If you are having trouble registering, please contact us at 815-963-6769.


Homeschool Classes Winter/Spring 2017

Ages: 7 & up

Class times: 10:30 am-Noon


Motion Commotion     (Registration Now Closed)

January 18

Immerse yourself in Newtonian physics, and discover laws that cannot be broken – or can they? Experiment with gravity, uncover the secrets of rotational inertia, and find out where you’d be without it! Then employ the laws of motion and assemble a roller coaster!

Hearts and Flowers

February 8

Get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day with this class that lets you explore the innards of the circulatory system and model the way your heart works. Use a stethoscope, find your pulse, and grab a scalpel to dissect a real heart. Then embrace your inner botanist and dissect blossoms and classify flowering plants.


Da Vinci’s Inventions

Engineer, artist, inventor, scientist, Leonardo da Vinci’s influence is still felt 500 years later! Discover some of the ingenious inventions of this “Renaissance Man,” then sketch, design and build a number of your own prototypes! Classes in this two-part series can be taken independently of one another.

Da Vinci’s Inventions, Session I

February 22

Da Vinci was intrigued by parachutes. He introduced the world to transportation with his self-propelled cart, and was a brilliant artist. Engage your inventive mind to construct and test a parachute, design your own car, and assemble a gizmo that creates a work of art!

Da Vinci’s Inventions, Session II

March 8

Da Vinci tried to solve the problems of the day. He invented a revolving bridge, and utilized his own unique code so no one could copy his notes. Engage your inventive mind and use basic materials to manufacture a water filter, explore and build different kinds of bridges, study codes and create one of your own!

The Science of Sound

March 22

Discover how biology and physics combine to make your ears work. Get splashed by a sound and enable your hearing to become super-sensitive! Explore the relationship between frequency and pitch and invent a sound-maker of your own. Apply what you learn to strategize how to make Easter Eggs that kids at the Center for Sight and Hearing can hunt!

Kitchen Chem and Fizz

April 5

Baking soda and vinegar are just the beginning!  Discover the many chemicals in your house that combine and go “sphhhht” as we find out what’s safe and what’s not in this class that’s a gas!  Use bubbly experimentation to determine whether those tiny grains that make your bread rise are alive, and taste the difference that yeast makes.

Cell-a-vision (Registration is now closed)

April 26

Discover the difference between plant and animal cells as you examine real cells through a microscope and make cell models. We’ll transform the planetarium into a domed theater so you can put yourself inside a cell and explore more! Then get hands-on with cell parts as we move materials through a semi-permeable membrane, and smash up strawberries to extract actual DNA!


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