Early Childhood Classes

These hands-on experiences feature activities that allow our littlest learners to explore at their own pace with amazing materials which stimulate senses and excite minds! Toddler classes are available upon request.

Grades: PreK
Length: 30-45 minutes
20 participants maximum
Cost: $110 ($50 for each additional class; same topic, day, and location*.) Travel fees may apply.

To begin the reservation process, complete the Outreach Request Form and someone will contact you.  For additional questions, contact us at outreach@discoverycentermuseum.org or phone 815-972-2844. Our calendar fills well in advance. For the best choice of dates, please book 2-12 months before your planned event.


We Can Build It

Create a building, bridge, or road using a variety of materials with this new version of one of our most popular classes!

IELDS: 7.A.ECb, 7.C.ECa, 9.A.ECd, 9.A.ECe


Playful Sounds

Explore sounds of all sorts by playing with high and low and loud and soft in this noisy and fun-loving class!

IELDS: 7.A.EDa, 8. A.ECa, 11.A.EDf


Ramps & Rolling Things

Discover how balls of all types roll and move along ramps and through tunnels.

IELDS: 7.A.ECc, 11.A.EDa, 11.A.EDc, 12.D.EDb, 13.A.EDa, 30.C.ECb



Experiment with the way things twirl in the breeze, make your own fluttering craft, and invent an object that soars in the wind!

IELDS: 6.A.ECf, 6.B.EDd, 11.A.EDa, 11.A.EDc, 19. A.EDd, 30.C.EDd