Virtual Outreach

Virtual Outreach – All new!

Discovery Center is excited to offer a brand-new interactive learning experience—Virtual Outreach! With the help of technology, Pre-K to Grade 8 students will enjoy live, interactive exploration of a STEM topic designed to spark interest in science and inspire students to learn more

Our Outreach Programs bring the excitement of science learning to you!  Whether you are educating one small class or the entire school, we offer a wide variety of programs that meet the needs of your students, enhance your curriculum, and line up with Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Ideas.

To begin the registration process, complete the online form at discoverycentermuseum.org/outreach-request-form. For additional questions, you can also email outreach@discoverycentermuseum.org or call our Outreach Request Line at 815-972-2844. 

* Additional program discount applies for programs of the same topic held on the same day at the same location.

** This program has a special space requirement.

*** Expanded age range available for younger participants.


Astronomy Shows

We’ll show you the moon and stars with our brand new Virtual Astronomy Shows! Presentations are tailored to your grade level and are unique to this program.

Grades: K-8                 Length: 30-45 minutes up to 30 participants

Cost: $150 ($60 for each additional show*)



Show Themes:

Greek Mythology: Ancient Stories in the StarsVirtual Astonomy6

Come listen to some very old tales and explore the world of heroes, monsters, and demi-gods hidden among the stars  with these stories inspired by the classic Greek myths. Recommended for grades K-8



Our Solar SystemVirtual Astonomy10

Take a trip through our local stellar neighborhood and get to know the planets closest to us. Learn some fun facts about  the planets in our solar system, take a (safe) look at the nearest star, and find out what NASA has been up to lately. Recommended for grades K-8.



Virtual Science Shows 

These dynamite demos feature experiments, investigations, and explanations woven together in a stimulating presentation. 

Grades: K – 8          Length: 30-45 minutes    Up to 95 Computers

Cost: $300 ($250 additional show*).


The Liquid Nitrogen Show 

$50 lab fee

Excitement goes up as the temperature drops in this ultra-cold show! Witness instant phase changes and identify the differences in states of matter as they succumb to the frigid world of liquid gas!

NGSS: PS1.A, PS1.B, PS3.A, PS3.B


The Captivating Chemistry Show

Solids, liquids, and gases combine to create chemical changes that look like magic. Chemistry becomes apparent using surprising reactions that create colors, fabricate foam, and explode!

NGSS: PS1.A, PS1.B, PS3.A, PS3.B, PS3.C, PS3.D