Teacher Workshops

teacher workshopSummer Teacher Workshops

Check back Spring of 2019 for our Summer STEM workshop offerings.


What teachers say about Discovery Center Educator Workshops:

  • "Extremely well taught. Knowledgeable instructor that made the content interesting, easily understood and fun to learn."
  • "Instructor presented clear content and instructions; gave us a start on projects and then let us use our creativity."
  • "This course gave me many new ideas for both individual and small group activities."
  • "The hands-on activities helped me understand exactly how I should direct my students to perform the experiments and activities."
  • "This class convinced me that I can do hands-on weather science even if I don’t know all of the answers myself.  It opened my eyes to the extensive resources available online in the weather field."
  • "Our instructor hit the ground running having us participate in activities to help us understand astronomy. In addition the activities could be directly used in my classes."
  • "Hands on activities! Varied activities for various grade levels. The amount of resources and materials was well beyond expectations."
  • "The hands on activities were wonderful.  I haven’t taken a class lately that provides so much material for use in the classroom!  Ideas!  Ideas! Ideas!"