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3D Spring Art - YouTube

3D Spring Art - Downloadable Instructions

3D Spring Art - Template

3D Spring Art - Sample


Board Games - Youtube

Board Games - Downloadable Instructions


Bridge for 21 Animals - YouTube

Bridge for 21 Animals  - Downloadable Instructions


Bubble Painting  - YouTube

Bubble Painting - Downloadable Instructions

Bubble Painting - Sample


Captain Discovery Cetnter - The Fast and the Curious - Youtube


Captain Discovery Center (How to Make a Mask) - YouTube

Captain Discovery Center Mask - Template

Captain Discovery Center Mask  - Downloadable Instructions


Discovery Town Coloring Page - Firefighter - Download

Discovery Town Coloring Page - Jump Rope - Download

Discovery Town Coloring Page - Mail - Download

Discovery Town Coloring Page - Pilot - Download

Discovery Town Coloring Page - Pizza - Download

Discovery Town Coloring Page - Singer - Download

Discovery Town Coloring Page - Veterinarian - Download


Fred and Friends Sing-a-long - YoutTube


Handwashing with Debbie - YouTube (preschool) 


Intro to COVID -19 on YouTube


Liquid Nitrogen Amazing Air - YouTube

Liquid Nitrogen Frosty Facts - YouTube

Liquid Nitrogen Smashing Science - Youtube 


Magic Fizzy Colors - YouTube

Magic Fizzy Colors - Downloadable Instructions


Oil and Water - YouTube


Painting with Bubble Wrap - YouTube

Paintng with Bubble Wrap - Downloadable Instructions


Salt and Pepper Dance - YouTube


Sink or Float - YouTube


Stomp Rockets - YouTube


Story Time with Debbie - YouTube


Story Time with Debbie #2 - YouTube


Story Time wih Debbie #3 - YouTube


Surface Tension - YouTube




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Playful Learning at Home

Discovery Center is committed to serving our community by bringing science to you and igniting curiosity and playful learning everywhere.

We understand that this is a challenging time, especially for kids home from school but still eager to learn and have fun. Beginning today, we will be sharing new content on Facebook, Twitter, and as well as on our website.

Look for social live-streams, and suggested science activities and experiments, and art projects for kids of all ages that you can do at home! Check back often for new content to inspire learners young learners.

What are you doing to ignite curiosity and playful learning?

Show us how you're being curious at home! Share your activities and DIY projects with us on our social platforms and use #DiscoveryCenterScience