Science Carts

Roll science right into your classroom to maximize student participation and discussion!

Grades: 1 – 8
Length: 45 minutes
30 participants maximum
Cost: $140 ($60 for each additional class; same topic, day, and location.)
Travel fees may apply.

To begin the reservation process, complete the Outreach Request Form and someone will contact you.  For additional questions, contact us at or phone 815-972-2844. Our calendar fills well in advance. For the best choice of dates, please book 2 - 12 months before your planned event. 


Weather Cart

Witness the water cycle and see how this process leads to sun and storms! Instant clouds and touchable lightning unlock the complex phenomena of weather!
Next Generation Science Standards: ESS2.CD, ESS3.B, PS1.AB, PS3.AB


Electricity Cart

Explore where our electricity comes from. Generate and transmit energy, and de”light” in static electricity.
Next Generation Science Standards: ETS1.ABC, PS2.B, PS3.AB
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Human Body Cart

Explore digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems of the human body! See real lungs inflate, hang out with Mr. Guts, get your heart pumping, and more!
Next Generation Science Standards: LS1.AD, LS2.B