Hands-On Classes

We bring science programs to you!

Our Outreach Programs bring the excitement of science learning to you! Whether you are educating a small class or an entire school, we offer a wide variety of programs that meet the needs of your students and your curriculum!  Some programs available in Spanish.

To begin the reservation process, complete the Outreach Request Form and someone will contact you.  For additional questions, contact us at outreach@discoverycentermuseum.org or phone 815-972-2844. Our calendar fills well in advance. For the best choice of dates, please book 2-12 months before your planned event. 

Don’t see quite what you are looking for? Contact us and our team of educators will work to meet your needs.

Hands-On Classes

Engage your brain and immerse your hands in STEM with our Hands-On Classes!  Whether introducing a topic, reviewing for a test, or investigating for fun, every student will be excited about learning science and begging for more!

Grades: vary by topic
Length: 60 minutes
30 participants maximum
Cost: $150 ($70 for each additional class; same topic, day, and location.) Travel fees may apply.

To begin the reservation process, complete the Outreach Request Form and someone will then contact you.  For additional questions, contact us at outreach@discoverycentermuseum.org or phone 815-972-2844.


Magnetic Attractions

Grades: K-3
Test to see what sticks, measure magnetic strength and construct a magnetic contraption.


Slime & Chemistry

Grades: K-8
Measure, pour, and mix real chemicals to produce reactions, investigate solids, liquids, and gases, and concoct slime!
NGSS: PS1.A, PS1.B, PS3.B, PS3.D

Color & Light

Grades: K-5
Explore the properties of light, fool your vision, dissect a rainbow, experiment with invisible light, and create your own kaleidoscope.


Engineering Challenge

Grades: 3-8
Design and construct your own contraption to fly, spin, or stay put, then test it in our vertical wind column.



Fling & Wing

Grades: 2-6
Learn aerodynamic secrets as you assemble and launch some crazy shapes. You won't believe these gadgets fly!