Teacher Workshops

IMG 32832023 Summer Teacher Workshops

Let Discovery Center Museum’s experienced science educators train your teachers on STEM and various science topics. Choose from our hands-on and interactive programs to enrich your students’ educational curricula. Please contact Denise at DeniseP@DiscoveryCenterMuseum.org to discuss scheduling these multi-day workshops for your school or district. Individual teachers can register using the links below.

Each course supplies you with materials to keep use with your students!

1 hour of Graduate Credit through the University of Saint Francis is available for each class.

*Register at http://stfrancis.edu/real/experiential

You will need to register with Discovery Center as well.


Check back this spring for our summer 2024 offerings.


What teachers say about Discovery Center Educator Workshops:

  • "This was an area that I knew little about making it difficult for me to teach this content. I learned a ton & have started to look at the world through the eyes of a scientist. I recommend this course to other teachers."

  • “I loved all of the hands-on experiments and the detailed instruction of the content. They are very willing to share so much with us!” 

  • "This class convinced me that I can do hands-on weather science even if I don’t know all of the answers myself”

  • "Hands-on activities! Varied activities for various grade levels. The amount of resources and materials was well beyond expectations."

  • “Awesome! So many hands-on materials and great ideas to bring to my classroom.”

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