Annual Fundraiser

A Marvel-ous Magical Evening

marvelous magical evening imageSunday, June 24 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Tickets:  $30/person  (click here to purchase)

VIP Tickets:  $50/person (includes a group photo with ALL princesses and/or superheroes, among other VIP activities.)

Get them before they Disappear!


Once Upon a Time…the classic beginning to any story, right? On June 24, fantasy comes to life as your child comes face-to-face with their favorite princesses and superheroes!

When can you sing along with tiara-clad princesses, flex your muscles with caped superheroes, enjoy scrumptious kid-approved food, and help your favorite Children’s Museum, all while taking pleasure in a marvelous magical evening? During Discovery Center’s brand new fundraiser this summer!Costumes are encouraged as you test your superpowers, decorate a cape, sing, dance, and sample sweet confections at the candy buffet while you let your imagination run wild.

Princess fun for all ages includes being silly in the “snow”, fashioning a sparkling light-up wand, and playing in a mermaid’s tide pool. Superhero fans will find themselves strong enough to lift a parent, and practice seeing colors that aren’t really there using X-ray!

Meeting and taking your photo with your favorite costumed characters isn’t all that’s happening on this enchanted evening! Kids can get zapped by lightning in Thor’s Thunder Show, feel the chill in the Icy Extravaganza Event, and hiss at the villains during an intimate planetarium presentation featuring a hero and princess in the night sky.

Get your reserve tickets today for this whimsical adventure and help Discovery Center transform this night of family fun into an investment in learning. Proceeds benefit Discovery Center’s exhibits and educational programs for children across the region.


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Thanks to our sponsors and attendees for making this a great event!

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