Simple Machines

simple machines exhibitPush and pull your way around pulleys, levers, and gears!

Explore Simple Machines with your whole body.  Lift yourself using mechanical advantage. Which chair is the easiest?

Test your skills in getting gears to turn.  Can you make the fan spin?  Will all of the gears move together?

Have fun with screws, wedges, wheel & axles and inclined planes as you help balls navigate the ball maze.




Discovery Center gratefully acknowledges the following contributors to Simple Machines:

"Public Museum Capital Grants Program" – Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois State Museum; Grainger; In Memory of Vern Cassens; J.L. Clark-A CLARCOR Company; Danfoss; Janet Kjellstrom Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois; Marvin W. Dundore Jr. Memorial Fund; Forest City Gear; Rj Link International Inc.; Specialty Screw Corp.; UTC Aerospace Systems; Viking Chemical.