Entering 1st-2nd Grades

Make your child’s summer magical with a one-of-a-kind summer camp experience.

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Camps for kids entering 1st and 2nd grade use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math paired with your favorite stories to spark your curiosity and engage your naturally scientific mind!


Camp sessions run Monday - Thursday

TIme: 9 am - Noon

A full day option is available for several camps by pairing a Discovery Center morning camp with an afternoon camp with the Rockford Art Museum (located in the same building with us!)

Fees: $75 public / $65 members

No discount for partial attendance.

Advance registration is required and closes 5:00 pm on Monday the week before class.

Three ways to register: online at discoverycentermuseum.org; call 815-963-6769; or stop by our office between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm weekdays. 

Cancellation policy: Refunds are available through the close of registration, minus 10%.  Discovery Center reserves the right to cancel events; in which case, a full refund will be issued.


Session 1A: Castles and Chemistry

June 12-15

Design and build a miniature fortress out of amazing materials you don’t have at home. Use your ingenuity and skill and assemble siege engines to storm the castle. Use chemistry to concoct crystal treasures, in this workshop that lets your imagination wander through the Middle Ages. 


Session 2A: Make it GLOW

NEW!!! Full day option by adding on the Rockford Art Museum afternoon session “ABC’s of ART”.  More information coming soon.

June 19-22

Light bounces and bends in this illuminating camp that uses ultraviolet light, lasers and polarizing filters. Find out what fireflies and glow sticks have in common and examine the science behind bike reflectors and highlighters. Get hands on with experiments that delve into physics and chemistry of light.


Session 3A: Konnichiwa: Hello from Japan!

June 26-29

Engage your imagination as we travel to Japan without leaving Rockford! We’re playing with anime, building kites, and more as we immerse ourselves in the culture and tradition across the sea. Learn to use chopsticks, explore the music scene, and play in a traditional Japanese field day; Undokai.


Session 4A: Can you Dig It?

July 10-13

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for mess in this muddy camp as we dig for worms and explore other critters that live beneath.  Unearth ancient artifacts, examine real dinosaur bones, pan for “gold,” and uncover rocky treasures as we explore the hidden wonders within the earth’s crust.


Session 5A: Science Outside

July 17-20

Sun + Air + Water = wacky weather and fun-filled days in Discovery Center’s incredible science park. Make your own cloud and build weather tools as you examine the sun and use a solar oven to heat up s’mores. Play with water, create a rain shower, and investigate what happens when you apply the giant lens of doom!


Session 6A: Frozen

July 24-27

Do you want to build a snowman… in the summer? Create your own indoor snow, paint crystal snowflakes, and put Olaf in his own snow globe.  Bring your winter gloves to experiment with melting and freezing and find out how sublime it is to make dry ice bubble and fog. We’ll also apply liquid nitrogen to make instant ice cream and see what happens in the super-cold!


Session 7A: Grossology

NEW!!! Full day option by adding on the Rockford Art Museum afternoon session “3D Discovery Camp”. More information coming soon.

July 31-August 3

Sneezes and vomit and farts are just the beginning as we explore the impolite science of the human body.  Touch an intestine, poke a heart, and take apart a cow eye! Future doctors will have fun getting into guts and finding out what really happens when someone is sick.