Entering 1st-2nd Grades

Make your child’s summer magical with a one-of-a-kind summer camp experience.

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Camps for kids entering 1st and 2nd grade use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math paired with your favorite stories to spark your curiosity and engage your naturally scientific mind!


Camp sessions run Monday - Thursday

Time: Morning Camps 9 am - Noon (with before-care option starting at 7:45 am); Afternoon Camps 1-4 pm

A full day option is available for camps by pairing a Discovery Center morning camp with an afternoon camp with either Discovey Cener, the Rockford Art Museum (located in the same building with us) or Burpee Museum of Natural History (located next door to us).

Fees: $90 public / $80 members for either morning or afternoon camps. Rockford Art Museum and Burpee camps are the same prices, but paid for separately.

No discount for partial attendance. Before-care option an extra $5/day per child.

Register: Advance registration is required and closes 5:00 pm on Monday the week before class.

Three ways to register: online at discoverycentermuseum.org; call 815-963-6769; or stop by our office between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm weekdays. 

Cancellation policy: Refunds are available through the close of registration, minus 10%.  Discovery Center reserves the right to cancel events; in which case, a full refund will be issued.

Snacks: You are welcome to send a snack.

Lunch: For full day camps, bring a snack, lunch and a drink.

Need financial assistance? Scholarships are available - call 815-963-6769 for details.


Super Heroes Assemble

June 18-21

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superhero Science! Discover the science behind superhero feats. Design a super vehicle, test your own super senses, and mix up super solutions in the lab at our top secret Headquarters. Then, use your favorite powers to create your own superhero identity, complete with costume and gadgets. Your curiosity will soar with this power-packed week.

FULL DAY OPTION wtih Afternoon Add-on Camp at Rockford Art Museum

Art Through Exploration
Get a little messy and a lot creative in this week of hands-on creativity! Using materials from paint to clay to fiber and more, campers are sure to have a great time while learning about art in its many forms.
To register for the Rockford Art Museum camp call (815) 968-2787.


Storybook Science

June 25-28

A week of action-packed adventure awaits a literary explorer like you! Begin each day by gathering to hear a tale of adventure, discovery and fun. Then, dive between the lines to learn the science behind each story. Experiment with concoctions that bubble and fizz, venture into the forest to find ferocious or fantastic animals, and create weather phenomena right before your eyes. At the end of the week, write your own sensational science story to share with your family and friends.

FULL DAY OPTION wtih Afternoon Add-on Camp at Burpee Museum

Delightfully Deadly Dinosaurs
Giant teeth, sharp claws, and strong tails are ready for you to examine, hold and explore as we learn all about dinosaurs! Peek into our PaleoLab “behind the scenes” at Burpee for a live view of what our scientists are discovering. Learn how paleontologists go from digging dino bones to a assembling fully mounted skeleton like Jane. You will step into the world of Jane and Homer in the late Cretaceous, as well as explore micro-raptors. Come dressed for a dig as you step into the shoes of a real paleontologist!

To register for the Burpee Museum camp call (815) 968-2787.


ARGH, Pirates!

July 9-12

We have found a treasure map left behind by the Rascal of the Rock! We need your help to follow the map and find the treasures of the mighty Rock River. Work with your treasure hunting team to solve puzzles and riddles that will direct you as you search through natural resources outside. Practice reading and creating maps while combing the park and riverwalk for the plants, rocks and water that make the area so unique. By the end of the week, your treasure chest will be filled with special objects to take home.



July 16-19

Prepare yourself for the messiest, stickiest and slimiest science that you have ever seen! Create the gooiest snot, make soda rain from the sky, paint with bubbles, and test how far you can toss water balloons without breaking them . If it’s wet, sticky, slimy, smelly or dirty, we’ll find an experiment to get you elbow deep in the science of muck.

FULL DAY OPTION wtih Afternoon Add-on Camp at Discovery Center

Robotic Explorers - PM Camp Session Cancelled 

Don your best disguise, recruits—you have been selected to complete a super-secret mission. Explore the basic concepts of robotics and computer programming in this creative and interactive robotics camp for super sleuths. Use simple machines and robotic building blocks to conduct covert operations and overcome tricky obstacles.


Magical Me

July 23-26

Spend a magical week of discovery as we learn the science behind the show. Magicians everywhere will want to close down our camp as we show you the behind-the-scenes of magic and give you the tools and the know how to orchestrate your very own show. Learn the scientific secrets to hide a person in a box, grasp how the mind accepts illusions, and uncover the math behind every card trick. Abracadabra and Albert Einstein come together to make this camp a scientific magic show! 

FULL DAY OPTION wtih Afternoon Add-on Camp at Burpee Museum 

Water Wonders

Dive into the wonders of underwater ecosystems! From rivers to ponds to oceans, you become a scientist studying what lurks below the surface. On the banks of the Rock River, our AquaAerobics Water lab allows you to be hands-on with real water testing, examine live wild animals, and learn about the health of our local waterways. Put your gloves on (or not) and spend time dissecting creatures of the world's H2O. Spend time with our aqua life touch tanks and feel the differences between creepy crawlies of all shapes and sizes! You won’t want to miss this hydro-excitement!

To register for the Burpee Museum camp call (815) 968-2787.


Junior Jedi Academy

July 30-August 2

We need your help! Darth Vader has invaded Discovery Center! Become a Junior Jedi and learn the techniques the Jedi use to battle the Dark Side. Explore a galaxy far, far away, create lightsabers, and learn about the science of space and spacecraft technology. This camp will train you in the ways and honor of the Jedi. Gather your courage and prepare to become one with the Force!

FULL DAY OPTION wtih Afternoon Add-on Camp at Rockford Art Museum

Art Around the World

Take a trip around the world and through history! Campers will learn about the art of different cultures and create their own versions of some of the world’s most remarkable artistic traditions.
To register for the Rockford Art Museum camp call (815) 968-2787.