Terrific Tuesdays

liza terrific tuesdayPresented by Discovery Center and Rockford Art Museum, this immersive and diverse experience expressively engages bodies and minds in science and art. Terrific Tuesday Basic Field Trips can accommodate 20 - 75 students and includes a 50-minute museum tour of either Discovery Center Museum or Rockford Art Museum.

Time: 9:30 am-12:00 pm
Cost: $9/student; no cost for chaperones or teachers
Grades: K-6

Choose from these great themes and have your Tuesday date in mind when you contact us! Terrific Tuesdays are available November through March.

To begin the reservation process, complete the Terrific Tuesday Request Form and someone will contact you.  For additional questions, contact us at Tuesday@discoverycentermuseum.org or phone 815-963-6769.


Light and Shadow

Break apart light, use paint to explore shades of color, and experiment with the qualities of light and shadow.
Next Generation Science Standards: ETS1.ABC, PS1.A, PS4.AB


Body Basics

Learn how our insides work, create an art masterpiece that would make Picasso proud!
Next Generation Science Standards: LS1.ACD


Mixing It Up

From chemical surprises to amazing colors, we're mixing things up with outstanding results. 
Next Generation Science Standards: PS1.AB, PS3.D