Bubble Festival - Tickets Required

From Sep 10, 2022 10:00 am until 3:00 pm
Categories: Special Events

Saturday, September 10: Bubble Festival

10:00 am - for all ages
11:00 am - for all ages
1:00 pm - more science content
2:00 pm - more science content

$3 Members; $5 Public (Museum admission extra); free to children ages 1 and younger.

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Bubble-celebrity Ben Jimenez combines art, science and a touch of magic in his live performances. Enjoy Ben’s 30-minute show and afterward pop outside to the Bubble-Palooza Playground (weather permitting) to devise your own brilliant bubbly tricks as you test your soapy skills with bubble activities for the whole family! Morning shows are geared toward preschoolers, with more science content in the afternoon shows.

Ben Jimenez is a professional soap bubble artist from Evanston, Illinois. After discovering the existence of this unique performance art, he fell in love with it. Jimenez drew from past experiences as an educator, performing musician, and science enthusiast to infuse art and science with a touch of magic to create Ben’s Bubble Show. Ben uses his bare hands and a few simple tools to create beautiful, humorous, and mind boggling soap bubble sculptures, does bubble magic, puts people inside bubbles, teaches STEM, and much more. Ben entertains a room full of doctors at a convention as easily and thoroughly as a room full of schoolchildren!